Maths investigators

4KB have been working hard in maths this week, using logic and reasoning skills to  solve a variety of problems systematically. If you were asked to find all the possible solutions to the following, how would you start systematically?

? + 35 + ? = 96


Beowulf – the musical

Last Thursday, 4JJ performed their long awaited musical adaptation of the story of Beowulf, the legendary Anglo-Saxon warrior.

There were monsters, many battles, and an ultimately sticky ending for Beowulf. All the children performed and sang brilliantly – there are certainly some West End stars in the making!

A huge thank you to all the parents, carers and extended families that came to watch. Your support is always appreciated.

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Light it up!

Year 4’s current science topic is Electricity. We were given batteries, a battery holder, wires and a bulb and tasked with making that bulb light up. As you can see, we were very successful and managed to make the complete circuit needed to light the bulb. We also made our own switches to add into our circuit. This lesson literally lit up our afternoon! Can you name some appliances that run on electricity? Do they run on mains or battery power? How does a switch work?