Welcome to Year 4!

Year 4 have started this year by working on a collaborative art project entitled”Hands”. The four classes chose different themes, including ‘know your town like the back of your hand’ and ‘with our hands we can achieve anything’. Can you spot your work? Which is your favourite?



Last week Year 4 were hard at work building a Viking longship in an D&T workshop. They learned about tripods, triangles and pyramids as part of the workshop that also included some rowing and iceberg spotting. Well done Year 4!

Year 4 visit the London Zoo

Over the last two weeks, year 4 have visited the zoo as part of their Brazil topic work, as well as their work in science about Living Things. We visited the Rainforest Life centre for a workshop, where the children had the opportunity to explore the rainforest habitat, searching for animals and taking temperature and humidity recordings. As well as the workshop, we had time to explore other areas of the zoo. Have a look at the collection of photos below.


British Museum trip

4EP & 4JJ visited the British Museum today to view its collection of Roman artefacts.That said, some of the highlights of the day, as quoted to Mr Jones, were “eating our packed lunch”and “travelling on the tube”.