Lightbulb moments!

Our current science topic in year 4 is Electricity. Armed with just batteries, wires and  bulbs, they were tasked with lighting the bulb. As you can see from the photos, we were very successful and managed to make the complete circuits needed to light the bulb. Which electrical appliances do you use on daily basis? Are they powered by mains or batteries?



Year 4 visit the London Zoo

Over the last two weeks, year 4 have visited the zoo as part of their Brazil topic work, as well as their work in science about Living Things. We visited the Rainforest Life centre for a workshop, where the children had the opportunity to explore the rainforest habitat, searching for animals and taking temperature and humidity recordings. As well as the workshop, we had time to explore other areas of the zoo. Have a look at the collection of photos below.


Light it up!

Year 4’s current science topic is Electricity. We were given batteries, a battery holder, wires and a bulb and tasked with making that bulb light up. As you can see, we were very successful and managed to make the complete circuit needed to light the bulb. We also made our own switches to add into our circuit. This lesson literally lit up our afternoon! Can you name some appliances that run on electricity? Do they run on mains or battery power? How does a switch work?