4GJ’s class assembly

Last week, 4GJ performed their class assembly to parents and the rest of Blue Hall. Everyone learned a lot about the rainforest, as well as a traditional story which told us the importance of conserving the plants and animals that are found in the rainforest. Well done 4GJ!

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4KB’s Roman and Celtic extravaganza!

4KB put on a fantastic show for all of Blue hall (and their excited parents and carers) in their assembly on Thursday 19th January. They showcased their learning of Ancient Britain and told everyone about Roman soldiers, Celtic way of life and Boudicca’s revolt. There was even a talk show hosted by Maximus Vile! We ended with a our ‘Just Like a Roman’ song, which has been stuck in our heads ever since! We loved putting on this extravaganza for everyone and hoped you enjoyed it too.