Maths investigators

4KB have been working hard in maths this week, using logic and reasoning skills to  solve a variety of problems systematically. If you were asked to find all the possible solutions to the following, how would you start systematically?

? + 35 + ? = 96


Light the Lights

4JJ used the skills they have been learning in maths this week to work systematically on this interactive problem.

By trying each number in sequence to find which lights it lit, they recorded their findings on a hundred square.

Eventually, we decided that these were the rules for each light to be lit:

Yellow – number smaller than 31
Green – odd number
Red – numbers with odd tens (10s, 30s, 50s, etc)
Blue – multiples of 5

Can you use the machine to test these theories and make predictions about which numbers will light which lights?

Jigsaws puzzle Year 4

Year 4’s maths, reasoning and team work skills were put to the test this morning as they embarked on their first puzzle-making activity of the year in maths. Each tile of the puzzle required the children to double or half a range of numbers, including tens of thousands and even some decimal numbers!

The puzzlees took to the challenge like ducks to jigsaw piece-filled water, and some pairs even completed the task. Well done David and Ela, and Zeena and Ben. Have a look at the photos of them in action below.

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And if you want to have a go at the jigsaw yourself, visit this link to download and print the pieces.