Year 4 watched the award-winning ‘Alma’ animation and then wrote their own dialogues, ensuring that they had correctly punctuated them with inverted commas. Here are some of 4KB’s published pieces.


Worst Witch Word Processing

4JJ have been working hard, learning new skills in Google Docs to word process their Worst Witch Potion stories. They experimented with changing the font type and size, creating a heading, aligning the text correctly and using the spell-checker to correct any mistakes.

Here are some excerpts for some of the work the produced. Well done Albert, Aliza, Nell, Amelia and Leo!

How was the Roman Empire cut in half?

With a pair of Caesar’s!

Year 4 have just started a unit of work on the Gladiator Boy novels, which follows the trials and tribulations of Decimus Rex, a boy captured by slave takers. Decimus and his fellow captives are taken to the Arena Primus, where they will face trials to repay the debt amassed by their family to Slavious Doom.

Here are some pictures of the children and their reconstructions of the arena: