Year 4 visit the London Zoo

Over the last two weeks, year 4 have visited the zoo as part of their Brazil topic work, as well as their work in science about Living Things. We visited the Rainforest Life centre for a workshop, where the children had the opportunity to explore the rainforest habitat, searching for animals and taking temperature and humidity recordings. As well as the workshop, we had time to explore other areas of the zoo. Have a look at the collection of photos below.



23 thoughts on “Year 4 visit the London Zoo

  1. Zoos for lifeπŸ™ˆπŸ―πŸΈπŸ°πŸΆπŸ¦πŸΌπŸ—πŸ’πŸ¦‚πŸžπŸœπŸ•·πŸŒπŸ¦„


  2. The zoo was the best. If the lions don’t like lots of noise, though, then I think I must have annoyed them a bit because I did more than my fair share of shouting! (With excitement).


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