Welcome to our new look blog!

It’s a new school year and we’ve got new-look blogs. We hope you enjoy the blogs, but please make sure you and your child have read the blogging information leaflets that will be sent home in the first week of term. We look forward to seeing your comments!



Year 4 watched the award-winning ‘Alma’ animation and then wrote their own dialogues, ensuring that they had correctly punctuated them with inverted commas. Here are some of 4KB’s published pieces.

Worst Witch Word Processing

4JJ have been working hard, learning new skills in Google Docs to word process their Worst Witch Potion stories. They experimented with changing the font type and size, creating a heading, aligning the text correctly and using the spell-checker to correct any mistakes.

Here are some excerpts for some of the work the produced. Well done Albert, Aliza, Nell, Amelia and Leo!

Light the Lights

4JJ used the skills they have been learning in maths this week to work systematically on this interactive problem.

By trying each number in sequence to find which lights it lit, they recorded their findings on a hundred square.

Eventually, we decided that these were the rules for each light to be lit:

Yellow – number smaller than 31
Green – odd number
Red – numbers with odd tens (10s, 30s, 50s, etc)
Blue – multiples of 5

Can you use the machine to test these theories and make predictions about which numbers will light which lights?

Lightbulb moments!

Our current science topic in year 4 is Electricity. Armed with just batteries, wires and  bulbs, they were tasked with lighting the bulb. As you can see from the photos, we were very successful and managed to make the complete circuits needed to light the bulb. Which electrical appliances do you use on daily basis? Are they powered by mains or batteries?


Welcome to Year 4!

Year 4 have started this year by working on a collaborative art project entitled”Hands”. The four classes chose different themes, including ‘know your town like the back of your hand’ and ‘with our hands we can achieve anything’. Can you spot your work? Which is your favourite?